Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newfoundland and Labrador deserve better

I love the people of Newfoundland. They are among the kindest, most generous and friendliest people I have ever met. danny williams is another story. his attempts to channel hugo chavez have cost HM Government $13000000. It is time for the people of Newfoundland to elect federal Tories to
replace their federal grit mps and it is time for the provincial Tories to get a new and less follish leader.

Newfoundland’s national embarrassment

Kelly McParland August 27, 2010 – 10:39 am

Stuart Gradon, Calgary Herald
Danny Williams isn’t sorry.

He isn’t sorry that he kicked AbitibiBowater out of Newfoundland. He isn’t sorry that in doing so he accidentally stuck Newfoundlanders with a mammoth bill for clean-up costs. He isn’t sorry that he broke an international trade agreement with the U.S. by seizing Abitibi’s assets.

Nope, Danny’s not sorry one bit. Though he is hurt that anyone would say nasty things about his province.

I certainly can take the criticism. Where I draw the line is at mean-spirited insinuations and inaccuracies about our province and its people.
… I will never apologize for fighting to protect our natural resources and for getting fair benefits for the people who own them, even if that means taking on big corporations.


Incisor said...

Danny Williams will NEVER, EVER be replaced by the people of Newfoundland after what he has done for them; this is as close to political "fact" as it gets. Yours and others' comparison of Williams to Chavez is as reckless and disingenuous as it is laughable.

Seriously, Blogging Tories - it's time to get over the ABC campaign. Harper and Williams have done so, as evidenced by this and other recent events.

Get over it, move on, and remember: Danny Williams is a conservative.

wilson said...

Incisor ,
Danny Millions has definitely done alot for NFLD, absolutely he has turned things around for Newfoundlanders
(tho much of the credit is also due to work Newfoundlanders gained in the Alberta oilfields, money they took home, but that's another story, eh).

If Newfoundlanders forgive him for this, it's because someone else paid for his temper tantrum.

If that's ok with Newfoundlanders,
if that makes them proud,
then by all means, keep Danny.

The right thing would have been for Danny ( Nfld tax payers) to pick up the tab for the mess HE created.
But instead, he lashes out at the ROC..... that can only be called arrogant entitlement (spoiled brat syndrome)

And due to his latest $130,000,000 temper tantrum,
the government will be tweaking the laws,
so as he, nor any other Premier can foolishly leave the ROC on the hook for their mistakes.

If that makes you proud,
by all means, keep Danny.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't blame Williams on this issue. His job once again is to protect the interests of Newfoundland which he did in this case. How is it his fault that the Feds did a boner move and now we have to pay for it?? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for you guys to corner Quebec the next time they pull a move like this, but you won't say a word will you? Why? Cause your investments in Quebec and you will kiss their butts every time to prevent them from leaving that's why. (real conservative)

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