Friday, August 13, 2010

The new marxism

Peter Foster has a great piece on environmentostalinism. More attacks on the oil sands. The greenies hate the oil sands because there are hundreds of years worth of energy and growth locked in the oil sands. greenies only love energy source whch will restore the western world to the 1850's. After all they admire cuba.

The Rethink campaign peddles the lie that the oilsands are destroying an area the size of England, which confutes the total size of the deposits with the much smaller area being mined (and which has to be reclaimed). It ignores the fact that most future extraction will take place via in situ methods, that is, underground. It also regurgitates spurious claims about local pollution and sickness, and implies that the industry is virtually unregulated.

The campaign is masterminded by an organization called Corporate Ethics International, CEI, which is the brainchild of one Michael Marx, a name almost too ironic to be true, since Mr. Marx spouts much anti-capitalist claptrap. Mr. Marx believes that the U.S. is a corporate plutocracy, and that CEI’s mission is “to bring corporations back in service to and under the control of the citizenry.” Although only, presumably, if the citizenry happens to think the same way as Mr. Marx.

Mr. Marx was previously an executive of the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), another peddler of environmental whoppers. Not surprisingly, RAN is part of this campaign, along with the shakedown artists ForestEthics, the anti-everything Polaris Institute, and Friends of the Earth, who have rarely betrayed themselves to be Friends of Man.

I love this last line:
If The Communist Manifesto were to be issued today, it would be called The Green Manifesto, dominated by the environment, and appear on a website with a link to PayPal. Workers of the World donate!

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Jen said...

To those greenies against oil(their bread and butter) prove their point against oil by not having to do anything connect to oil, which has oil in it or is operated by oil which is many. Clothes, food, make-up, toothpaste, eyeglass frames, computers, newspapers(paper mill) cars, planes bikes you name it- all have some form of oil in it-so far none of them have walked away from oil, in fact, use more oil than most ordinary canadians by their constant traveling, and appearance on television; flying back and forth on planes operated by oil and gas.

What Marxism wants is control of the public to much capilalist and people improving their lives although not much is made but enough for a decent life is considered in the marxist and socialist mentality as capitalist, wealthy therefore what some amount you make is not yours yet the billions made on the oil is acclaim solely for the marxist and socialists to buy their personal entourage like the media and so forth.
Any sign of wealth in your life is a THREAT to the marxist and socialist because relying on the government for every is a 'dependance which under that form of mentality you now become fully under control by them to do with be threaten by and so on.
It is better to live poor believing in God to look after in His Giving freedom to you than live under threat control starve and no freedom at all.

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