Thursday, August 05, 2010

More private Care

I have been a member of the CNA since I was a medical student more than 25 years ago. I was somewhat hopeful given the last two capitalist presidents of the CMA, that the CMA would continue to try and reform our soviet style health care system. Our new president is a disappointment to me. She will be gone soon, and hopefully another Dr Day or Ouellet( now CMA VP) will replace her. I agree with the NP. Allowing a parallel private system is very good idea. More from Norman Spector.

Too often, the debate over the health system has concentrated on the ability of governments to finance the ever-increasing cost of care. It should be evident by now, to all but the most dogmatic, that the country simply can't pony up limitless funds for bottomless budgets. Some other approach is needed.

The CMA has its own list of proposals, which include a reexamination and modernization of the five founding principles of the Health Act, and the creation of a "Charter for Patientcentred Care."

A better solution, we think, would be simply to bring Canada in line with virtually every other OECD nation, and create a hybrid system that permits private health-funding options in parallel with a publicly-funded universal health system. As others have noted many times, Canada is the only country in the world, outside of Cuba and North Korea, where garden-variety private health insurance for essential health needs is illegal.

It is all well and good that the CMA is critiquing the fine points of Canada's single-payer health model. But until our politicians tear down its Soviet-style proscription of private options, everything else is palliative care.

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Anonymous said...

To be specific, the “hybrid” system you suggest should allow for Provincial insurance to pay my private Doctor for base case service and then if I want to elect for a bone density scan in my annual visit I can pay for those kind of electives.

That would be just like we do for every other product or service we buy. We want to be treated like a customer not a burden on a centrally planned "system".

In other words Government should only be in the "insurance" of Health, not the delivery of Health where we want and need options, ie not a fixed menu. Health should be like a buffet lunch. The government insurance makes sure we all get fed at the buffet but if I want to wash it down with an nice Merlot, then I have to pay for that.


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