Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LSS on the Radio

My friend Peter Jaworski was on the John Oakley show this morning and on The Charles Adler Show ( With Roy Green Hosting) this afternoon. As you all know Peter's family has been bothered by the bureaucrats of Clarington. I recorded most of the Oakley segment. I missed the last few minutes. Peter was on for almost half an hour this morning. The mayor of Clarington called in sounding very nervous and trying to blame the province. I called in and took a dig at the hrc thought police as well. Listen here.

You can hear the Charles Adler(Roy Green) segment here.
I must also note that John OToole, the Tory MPP for the are called me yesterday to say that he was in contact with Mayor Abernathy. I was most impressed by Mr O'Toole. It was great that an MPP responded to an email with a phone call. Tim Hudak has a great team!

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