Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lord Black at NRO

Nice to see Lord Black talk about the hoax. I hope he writes at NRO more often.

The clock struck midnight; Al Gore turned back into a (rich) pumpkin; the Prince of Wales can go back to talking to his tomatoes; and the whole gigantic fraud has been borne away by a swarm of killer bees that was supposed to have done us all in decades ago, leaving the president of the U.S. panhandling the kooks of Copenhagen for a slush fund for Mugabe and Ch├ívez. The last time so prominent an American championed such a mad enterprise was Douglas MacArthur’s advocacy of nuclear side arms for American forces in Korea (the subject of television commentator Chris Matthews’s university thesis); if not Eleanor Roosevelt’s proposal to her husband to drop swarms of hornets and wasps over German troop emplacements. And they weren’t the president.

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