Saturday, August 28, 2010

The jihadi threat is among us

My friend David Harris was a senior official at CSIS. He has spoken out against the jihadi threat for some time. Unfortunately many among us including our politicians( even those on the right) seem unable to understand that this is an existential battle. We must rethink our immigration policy and do it quickly. Immigrants must be told they must be loyal to Queen and country. Violence will not be tolerated, preaching violence , even in hoses of worship must ne denounced by those who hear it.
This is your future. That was my wretched thought on behalf of Canadians as I watched Thursday's Project Samossa news conference.

Samossa was the major national security investigation that erupted this week in counterterrorism raids and the arrest of four Muslim-Canadians. The government's charges against three of them imply a wealth of evidence that will shock the conscience of Canadians.

These charges and limited revelations suggest that we could be front-row witnesses to the most vile of manifestations of the Islamist jihad in this country. The allegation is that people living among us and enjoying the immense privileges of Canadian citizenship, are siding with enemy forces aiming to kill and maim our boys and girls serving in Afghanistan -- and maybe residents of Ottawa and other Canadian centres, too.

We shouldn't be surprised.

The Toronto 18 showed us the savagery of the 7th-century war that is being imported into our 21st-century neighbourhoods. Defendants included those who should have been a credit to educated youth. From some we would have expected gratitude of immigrants who had been welcomed to a gentle and generous nation. Canadians' reward was instead a conspiracy to rent Toronto with explosives, and blast our Parliament with invasion and a prime ministerial beheading.


Anonymous said...

First thing to do is reverse the CRTC decision and not let the Al Jazeera network broadcast in Canada.

Secondly we must encourage immigration from countries that share our values.

Anonymous said...

well let's not blame an entire community - we forget that 2 agents in the Toronto case were Muslim. We all know that the majority of them are good people and just want to live like everyone else does.

I agree that everyone should be made to give allegiance to the country - if you do not, you don't get in, simple.

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