Sunday, August 29, 2010

The jihadi threat in Canada

I certainly don't think all Muslims support this nonsense. Many who have come to Canada have run from oppressive theocratic regimes. Reading things like this and this are very disheartening. This is one of the problems of multiculturalism. It should the duty of Canadians to protect their fellow Canadians regardless of whether or not they are of the same religion or ethnicity. I am sujre most Canadians who are Muslim find these people despicable. The problem they are bullied and intimidated by the jihadi minority and their wahabi aligned imams into silence. We need to be far more careful about who is allowed into Canada. It must be made clear that loyalty to Queen and country is fundamental here. There is Freedom of religion but that doesn't mean freedom to allow jihadi conquest.

Khurram Sher and Misbahuddin Ahmed, two of the men charged in an Ottawa terror plot, are cousins by marriage, and the tightly-knit Montreal Muslim community they lived in is now shutting down to protect them.

In the online forum, an administrator posted a message Friday urging its members not to talk about “Khurram and Misbah,” publicly or privately, because it is “more than likely that some people are under surveillance and anything could be used against the defendants.”

It’s not the first time members of the community worried that they were under the eye of the government. Three years ago, on the same website, several people posted messages on a forum about concerns that the FBI were tapping their phones. A man who posted under the name Khurram was one of them, giving guidance to other worried members.

“Cellphones are much easier to listen into, a very common technique employed by CSIS/FBI etc.,” the poster wrote. “Home lines can be tapped but you should hear a clicking noise – inform Bell Canada right away. They can check if it is tapped or not.”

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The (so called) bullied and intimidated are aiding and abetting the terrorist and can leave along with their terrorist kin.

Rob C

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