Saturday, August 14, 2010

Incredible India

I was born in Trivandrum, Kerala India. I immigrated to Canada with my parents at the age of two.
I swore allegiance to HM Queen Elizabeth Queen of Canada in 1974 and became a Canadian citizen. I am Canadian , but I am still very proud of my Bharat. I wish India well on its 63rd anniversary of Independance ( one day late).

The Indian diaspora has done remarkably well wherever we have gone. Our parents have told us to work hard and get an education at all costs. here is Russell Peters in India

It is an amazing place to visit.

We should encourage stronger ties to India. It is an emerging economic giant and a democracy. I consider it part of the Anglosphere.


Anonymous said...

Kerala is a fascinating place, was there about a year ago and who wouldn’t be proud to be from there? Moreover, of course “India is part of the Anglosphere” and Bush thankfully fully recognized that, for which he won’t get any credit in this lifetime. But India is the key to finiding solutions to problems in the region; be they Tamils, Pakistani harbouring of terrorists …on and on.

We are coming up to the second anniversary of the horrible bombings in Mumbai. They were a target by terrorists wanting to remain in the 7th century precisely because of what you say “India… is an emerging economic giant and a democracy”


Alex said...

Happy Independance Day.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to India, although I don't know if being part of the "Anglosphere" is necessarily a good thing. I mean when the British came to your country, it was on imperialistic terms.

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