Sunday, August 15, 2010

iffy inserts foot in mouth

The position of both the coalition and Labour in Oz is mocked by politically tone deaf iffy. I guess we will have to remind iffy that Australia is a close ally, a fellow member of the Commonwealth and we have a common Head of State. iffy needs to apologize to our Australian friends. Thanks Joanne for pointing this out.
More at CanadianSense, BC Blue and Prairie Tory.

Some inside Canada’s government recommend working co-operatively with Australia in creating a joint offshore processing centre. After all, Australian voters, after trying both ways, have apparently decided lately they prefer Mr. Howard’s approach after all. The Australian Labor Party, led by Kevin Rudd, came to power in 2007 calling the Pacific Solution a “cynical, costly and ultimately unsuccessful exercise,” and promising a kinder, gentler way. But within the last year alone, the number of boats arriving in Australia was back over 100, the number of passengers, at nearly 5,000—the highest ever. It was, says Mr. Collacott, who also sees offshore processing as Canada’s best alternative, one reason Labor fired Mr. Rudd as leader in June. Australia’s new prime minister, Julia Gillard announced last month that she would begin reviving offshore processing for asylum seekers once again.

but iffy puts foot in mouth.

“This is Canada, not Australia,” Ignatieff said. “That means Canada has principles, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our international obligations.“


Anonymous said...

Even more asinine was his comment that we should have been consulting with the U.N. about how to deal with these illegal aliens. Iggy would rather get direction from a bureaucratic laden, corruption riddled, elitist organization rather than an ally that is suffering the same sort of third-world invasion.

CanadianSense said...

The problem is he makes so many basic factual errors on a subject that he is a professed expert.

He needs a timeout in the corner.

Anonymous said...

No Iggy, it means the Government needs to serve Canadians, not prioritize the other 7 billion people in the world who want to take a 150 year short cut to our democratic structure instead of building their own.

The lesson here is don’t elect Iggy who thinks Australians are a problem. In fact, they are suffering from the same global reverse colonization explosion we are. Iggy as PM would now be an embarrassment to visit Australia.

Memo to Iggy, it isn’t the Australians we’re worried about, go back to Harvard or the UN and pontificate to your postmodern progressive pals. Iggy please, no more apologies that we are defending our borders.


Honey Pot said...

Iggy, sunk his own ship over that remark. The man is too stupid for words.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be a lot cheaper for the Canadian Taxpayer to just pay their way back to Sri Lanka. Period.

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed, we should check out the boat, feed the people, give them supplies for the trip home, fuel up and repair the ship and tell them to return home. Talk to the ambassador in Ottawa to ensure they can return. What else are we obligated to do for economic refugees? (real conservative)

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