Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Philip and me

 I must say this moment was truly amazing. I was quite overwhelmed. This was at the State Banquet in Toronto last month. My thanks to the PMO for sending me these photos.


Reid said...


How did you request these photos? I went on the website for the event but there were very few photos. Normally, when getting an official picture you get a card with an id number on it to get the photos.

I would really like to get mine from that evening.


been around the block said...

A wonderful moment, Dr. Roy! I would love to meet the Queen. (Did she say anything to you?)

Roy Eappen said...

Reid email thee email you got the photos from before.

Did we actually meet. I would have loved to actually meet you.
batb , by protocol you are not supposed to repeat any conversations with HM.

Anonymous said...

Dr. you look good in these photos and quite humble before HRM. Good for you. (real conservative)

Toots said...

This is very impressive. I preson could not breath at that moment. Very good. thanks for sharing. Toots

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