Thursday, August 26, 2010

HM PM's Harper and Diefenbaker

 I am a great fan of Dief the Chief. he was a staunch Monarchist, a defender of our values and a great prime minister. I am glad that HM PM Harper talks about him so frequently. I appreciate this article by David Akin. I also think the North is important for canad for so many reasons, including resources.

Continuing Dief's legacy
Can Harper deliver on promises for Canada's North?


RESOLUTE, Nunavut — Listen to enough Stephen Harper speeches and you will hear him refer to one man over and over again: John Diefenbaker, “the Chief” from Prince Albert, Sask., who was Canada’s 13th prime minister from 1957 to 1963.

Prime Minister Harper talked about the Chief again just this week in the midst of his annual Arctic tour, noting that Diefenbaker’s northern vision was one where “traditional activities like hunting and fishing co-exist alongside cutting-edge scientific research.”

Diefenbaker, in fact, made the North one of the central themes of the 1958 general election, the one in which he would triumph with what is still the largest majority of seats in Canadian history when measured as a percentage of the seats in the Commons.

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Anonymous said...

For those of us who had the privilege
of knowing Mr Diefenbaker he was a good man. He was defeated because he wasn't one of them; the elite from central Canada.

I Support Lord Black