Wednesday, August 11, 2010

green party has no need to obey it's own constitution

 Apparently it is a little green dictatorship run by ellie may , who has hired  an enforcer to squelch debate and dissent. Not surprising for a party that embraces the hoax. So the green party apparently has a president for life. ellie may continues in the tradition of castro and chavez green icons. When she loses the next election and her party receives not a single seat, what excuse will she have for not having a leadership review? It is funny to wath, after all it is so irrelevant.

News to the Greens: in a minority government situation, there is always the risk of an election.  One could argue that an early spring election, when the government puts forward its budget for a confidence vote, is more likely than one this fall.  So watch for the continued presence of Ms. May on a television screen near you into 2011.


Anonymous said...

This is a nothing party, with a nothing leader, which provides nothing to the Canadian populace.
What did you expect?
Answer; "NOTHING," Exactly what Canadians are getting.

E Mac

Anonymous said...

Aah yes the Greens, Ms May has done much to promote herself, her squalling at the "debate" was the first nail in the Greens coffin IMO.
Her refusal to allow a Leadership review is not at all suprising. The greens as E Mac pointed out are a Seinfelt party, about nothing at all.
Cheers Bubba

Michael C said...

There is no way the Greens will sustain their 11% support on election day. Half of the respondents likely say Green because they do not like nay of the other parties and never bother to vote.

If there are no Green seats after the next election the party may implode if May fights to stay on. This can only help the Liberals and NDP. to the radio said...

If the Greens weren't beholden to the AGW hoax they might have my vote.
Environmentalism used to mean cleaning up after or preventing pollution.
Now it means not that.
It's all carbon dioxide all the time.
They could actually achieve something if they changed gears.

Elizabeth May has got to go.

I Support Lord Black