Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good for Gerald Deltell

 As I have been writing of late, I am supporting the ADQ. The leader of the ADQ Gerard Deltel is a federalist. He voted No in the last referendum.
He is a capitalist! We need a center right alternative in Quebec at the provincial level. The politics of oui and no are getting us no where.
Instead of wallowing in accepting billions of dollars each year equalization, "welfare of Canada, Quebec would rather focus on the potential mining, oil and gas to get rich, repeated yesterday Gerard DELTEL.


Anonymous said...

Sounds hopeful. Let’s also hope that Quebecor can give the ADQ some fair and balanced time on their new TV channel to offset the cesspool of separatists in the rest of Québec media.


Anonymous said...

I'd do the same if I lived there. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I like their family-friendly policies. Unfortunately since school boards are one of few areas where anglos have some power, their suggestion to do away with school boards doesn't sell well in the English community.

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