Sunday, August 08, 2010

End electoral welfare

Th Sun has a good editorial on ending electoral welfare. The federal government basically subsidizes a separatist party. Let everyone work to get donations.

After winning his second election in 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper nearly committed political suicide when he attempted to financially cut off his opponents at the knees.

Following a little political brinksmanship on all sides, he stepped back from plans to get political parties off the dole.

It's time that decision gets revisited.

While the national parties brought in millions in donations in the three months leading up to summer -- $4.1 million for the Tories and $2.4 million for the Grits and the NDP combined -- the Bloc Quebecois scraped together just $80,000.

Yep, the separatists that got the support of nearly 40% of Quebec voters in the last federal election couldn't even manage to bring in $100,000 in the last quarter.

But they needn't worry, because we're supporting them to the tune of 90% of the money they brought in that period, nearly $700,000.

Canadian taxpayers are covering 90% of a separatist party's revenue, and the Liberals and NDP were prepared to bring down the government over ending that?

Who's fooling who here? This is nothing more than robbery under the guise of fairness


Anonymous said...

Good for the Sun and the Sun TV news can’t come soon enough when Kory Teneycke can also give us the images that are needed to teach the public a la Glen Beck and his blackboard about the issues and risks in our society.

That images are needed in order to for people to learn has no better example than Jean Charest perhaps single handedly saving the country by waving a Canadian passport in the referendum. That many Quebecois had never realized until they saw the passport held by Charest saying you will lose this is stunning. Except that is the reality of how people get their information.


byng said...

let us hope the Tories make it a part of their election platform, and once elected we can see this disgusting sop to leftist bloodsuckers tossed in the trash, where it deserves to be
- along with the cunning seperatists, the Liberal/NDP will be forced to appeal to the voters on their own - what a novel concept

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