Sunday, August 22, 2010

ellie may still in charge?

ellie may seems to be in charge of a rapidly shrinking party. She did get an 85% approval vote, but the constitution of her party says there should be a leadership vote. I prefer that ellie may stays as head of the green party. She is presiding over such important issues as allowing polygamy( defeated). The greens will continue to be an irrelevance under ellie may. May she be leader for life of the greens.

Ms. Lemieux, who does not expect an election this fall, said she would like the Green Party to be more bold.

“We have a lot of strengths but I'm not seeing these strengths on the radar of Canadians right now,” Ms. Lemieux said.

“We're more than what's there right now.”

Ms. Lemieux says also she's worried about the exodus of party members, saying they've lost about 3,000 of 12,000 members since the last election.

“If there's an election called in a month certainly we're not in as strong a position as we were in 2008,” she said.

Ms. Lemieux presented one of the two leadership motions that were causing a stir.

Her motion asks that a leadership race be called no later than Oct. 31. The other leadership-related motion proposes that if a leader's term is extended, a race must be called no later than eight weeks after a federal election.

For her part, Ms. May tried to mollify the dissenters, saying she would do “a lot” of things differently in the next election, including choosing a riding she has a better chance of winning.

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Anonymous said...

I too hope this twit stays leader of the Green Party for a long time...she's one of the best weapons the Conservatives have.

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