Friday, August 06, 2010

Don martin is right for once

I kind of agree with don martin today. The Tories need to announce a big agenda for the fall. Here are my suggestions. They should announce cuts to the civil service, an end to electoral welfare, abolition of section 13.1 of the hrc thought poice act, more cuts to advocacy funding, an end to corporate welfare, an end to the wheat board, a new strategy for encouraging self reliance and success for Canada's Native people, more free trade agreements particularly with Commonwealth countries, the Francophonie and the EU, more deregulation of the telecom industry, the eventual demise of the crtc, return the names of the RCAF, and Royal Canadian Navy, abolish the nickle resolution, privatize aecl, privatize as much of the cbc as possible....
What are your suggestions?

They’ll return to face the reality Stephen Harper inadvertently underlined by saying nothing at all about his future agenda. The fall sitting looks particularly empty for the Conservatives beyond endless election speculation which, I’m betting (subject to change without notice) won’t happen until spring.

The Conservatives are governing the only G8 country that has put the recession so far behind it that the economy isn’t a dominant political fixation. Mr. Harper was correct in noting Canada will be trailblazer for post-recession policies, such as how to cut stimulus-driven deficits.

But that’s a challenge for the spring budget. Parliament and the media abhor a political activity vacuum, and will look for trouble to fill it this fall.

The Conservatives need to dream up ideas or steal some thoughts, if only to avoid stumbling into their own nightmare from a previous DiCaprio flick: Titanic.


Anonymous said...

Agree the time has come for the Tories “to announce a big agenda for the fall”

In short PMSH needs to shrink Ottawa and decentralize Canada back to the concept of the BNA Act and the division of powers. In other words there is only one taxpayer but the major services are delivered locally by the Provinces and the City Halls.

The fiscal mess weighing on Canada is mostly at the Provincial levels; where enormous service costs are in Health (exploding with demographics and new tech) and education. Plus big costs at the mega-City Halls for public transit which is pitifully behind even developing world Delhi which now has 400 miles of subway financed by the Japanese pension plans.

The Fed’s fiscal situation will be fine; we will skate through as long as we don’t end up with a Liberal government which will implement more and more CUPE run nanny care programs. But Ontario and Quebec are a mess, both have been badly managed. They represent almost 2/3rds of our population and those governments are a serious threat to Canadian prosperity and neither province has a credible opposition in the wings.

Charest and McGuinty are the problem! On top of that if Canadians were to put Iggy in charge of Ottawa …ugh!


bullpup said...

Dr Roy's Thoughts

I hope the Conservatives read your blog, I for one agree with you 100%. The Tories have been in Government for a while now, we need to hear a revised plan for the future.

Anonymous said...

nope id say that about covers it. now if only he could have mcguinty replaced, there is your ontario vote.


Michael Harkov said...

Agreed; make it their agenda in the Fall.....or make it their election platform.

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