Sunday, August 15, 2010

Disproving the hoax?

One of the biggest problems I have with the hoaxsters is there inability to allow alternate scientific data to be published. The chicken littles blacklist and suppress alternate scientific work. That is not science, that is a cult.

Despite being blacklisted by the scientific community supporting AGW, he has continued his research proving and refining his results. However, this same community is also the one which peer reviews work like this. When a scientist is tossed off this team, they can't get their work reviewed and pushed to the press as being "peer reviewed." Despite this handicap Miskolczi has persevered, just this month publishing yet again, this time proving with observations that the greenhouse effect is actually stable.

Miskolczi does not appear to be saying that global warming or cooling doesn't occur. Instead, he shows that CO2 does not and cannot increase the surface temperature of the Earth independently of incoming energy. In his paper he provides a graph spanning 61 years from 1948-2008. It shows that the greenhouse effect remains constant while CO2 concentrations have risen. Miskolczi has found physical proof that the greenhouse effect works differently than previously thought and it isn't affected by changes in carbon dioxide.

Lacking now is an honest scientific community's review of his work, something hard to get once you have been kicked off the team.

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bertie said...

As i see it,the problem is not this one scientist,it is the whole scientific community.They have,for the sake of the almighty dollar,destroyed all credibility in their science.Just as the MSM has destroyed the print medium with their Conservative-Harper hate.And the Liberals have destroyed the trust in the Liberal,s with the ADSCAM_HRDC-Gun registry and many other scandals.How can they regain our TRUST in them again,i don,t have the answer.But these are 3 great professions or groups that have destroyed themselves with lies and hate.It may be that this generation of Scientists,reporters and Liberals will all have to pass away before their professions can be cleansed,because what we have now is a group despised by the general population,but in positions of power because of their lies and fear mongering that it is near impossible to get rid of them.Don,t get me wrong,there are many great,honest men in these professions,but they have been silenced by the extremists that we let get into power over these many years.Their voices are just a whimper compared to the fanatical extremists fear mongering GW cult.How to silence these idiots is up to each and every citizen of this country who knows the truth and does not want to live in a cave with the green cult.Just shout louder than they do and demonstrate more than they do and tell your political leaders to start growing some BALLS and stop the insanity.

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