Friday, August 20, 2010


Good news for Ezra and free speech. Bad news for warman. Perhaps warman's reign of terror will soon be over. His favourite venue, the hrc thought police, has had section 13 declared unconstitutional by one of its own adjudicators. I am fairly certain that it will be found unconstitutional by the courts. HM Government needs to think about severely limiting the hrc in its other functions. HM Government should also abolish section 13.1 before the courts even rule.

A judge has ordered anti-hate lawyer Richard Warman to turn over a laptop computer he used to create false personas on far-right websites, so that an independent expert can search it for evidence that Mr. Warman authored a racist comment against a Canadian senator.

In a ruling stemming from Mr. Warman’s libel suit against free-speech activist Ezra Levant, Master Donald E. Short of the Ontario Superior Court ordered that a “mirror image” of the computer’s hard drive be searched for any data about the names “Pogue Mahone,” “Axetogrind,” “Lucie,” “Mary Dufford” and “Dave McLean,” names Mr. Warman gave when registering with controversial websites to monitor online racism and prepare complaints of hate speech.

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Anonymous said...

Good news! I'm sure they are partying at freedominion too. (real conservative)

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