Monday, August 09, 2010


The civil service is too large and costly. It is the major part of government expenditure. Civil servants breed more civil servants, so mandarins can have ever larger empures. The government needs to shrink the civil service substantially. So this news does not make me happy.

OTTAWA — The federal government won’t target public servants as it digs out from under the largest budget deficit in Canadian history, according to newly-minted government House leader John Baird.

“We won’t see the massive cuts to the public service that happened under the last Liberal government,” Mr. Baird said. “I don’t envisage anything like that.”

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CanadianSense said...

They realize how fast the ship would sink if they picked a fight with everyone at the same time.

(Personally I agree PSAC could take an annual 5% cut for the next three years and still be better off than the private sector)

Demand accountability from all groups and reduce the growth and begin the cuts.

This is NOT a radical ideological party as alleged by the PRESS. They won't repeat the same mistakes by the Liberal in the 1990's of targeting the most vulnerable in order to manufacture a fake balanced budget.

Page has noted the biggest growth has been Education, Health, Social Services above rate of inflation.

Push for growth in more Global Trade, lower inter provincial barriers. Move for more deregulation of industries and allow for better services and pricing.

I Support Lord Black