Monday, August 02, 2010

Communism fails in cuba

As it has failed everywhere else. The cuban police state is failing.
cuba is to start laying off some of its 1 million excess state workers and will have them start small businesses. This is communism? The system in cuba has been endorsed by many on the left here. It is amusing them to watch the trudeau family and their socialist friends hail the cuban police state. Indeed apparently when castro wanted to loosen his grip on the necks of the Cuban people, pierre trudeau told him that was a bad idea. It would be good if the trudeau family and their leftists families would move to this worlers paradise and work in the cane fields. The trudeaus were good at backing dictators like ceausescu, honecker and brehznev.
cuba's economy will eventually collapse and it will adopt market reforms. I am sure this will make the commie sympathizers like the trudeaus sad. It will make the people of Cuba joyful.

Cuba eyes more self-employment, not market reforms
By Carlos Batista (AFP)
HAVANA — With government plans afoot to reshape Cuba's work force by cutting the bloat out of some payrolls, President Raul Castro said he would allow more small private businesses.

The economy is 95 percent in state hands at the moment. Castro's move is aimed at limiting the socioeconomic fallout from planned work force shifts that could target one million excess jobs.

The Council of Ministers "agreed to expand the range of self-employment jobs, and their use as another alternative for workers who lose their jobs," Castro said as he gave a closing address at a biannual session of the National Assembly.

After the crash of the former Soviet bloc, Cuba's cash-strapped government in the 1990s approved a wide range of self-employment. Positions such as beauticians, dog groomers, small restaurant owners and even cigarette lighter refillers were legalized as long as workers got licenses and paid taxes.

But social resentment spread when some workers, particularly in small private restaurants, achieved dramatic levels of success.


been around the block said...

Thanks for the headline, Dr. Roy!

But I could have predicted this years and years ago. Where HASN'T Communism failed?

I remember my aunt and uncle's holidaying in Cuba about 30 years ago and my aunt telling me about leaving all of her toiletries and make up for the resort's maids who made their beds every day.

The ordinary citizens in Communist Cuba have always needed the West's charity. The fact that the Trudeaus hold Uncle Fidel in such high esteem has always disgusted me, as they enjoy an extravagant lifestyle that very few, even here in democratic Canada, will ever know.

Brrr said...

Raul has been easing the economy away from Communism and towards capitalism since he took over from Fidel.

The money they make from tourism has taught them that capitalism is not the evil they once thought it to be. The more they make from it, the more free-enterprise they allow.

The last thing they want to do is make the transition too quickly. The Special Period was tough enough for them, a total collapse would be catastrophic. As it is, they already have a lot more freedom than people here think they do.

If it weren't for the US embargo, they'd be doing quite well. All they really need is the US to stop interfering in their economy, and let them work it out on their own.

been around the block said...

Why shouldn't the U.S. put an embargo on them? They're under no obligation to cozy up to a country that was going to sell them down the Communist river.

Are they?

Wouldn't you say that Cuba is the author of its own misery?

(I suspect that under the Obam-bam regime, things will loosen up.)

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