Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chantal Hebert on iffy in Quebec

Things don't look for good for iffy in Quebec or anywhere else. The failbus tour has been all but ignored, except by we Blogging Tories, who mock it daily.

Hébert: Charest’s troubles only magnify Ignatieff woes in Quebec
Published On Wed Aug 25 2010
By Chantal Hébert National Columnist

The vacuum created by the simultaneous resignation of Michael Ignatieff’s former Quebec minister Jean-Marc Fournier as his adviser and the accidental death of his Quebec-savvy communications director Mario Laguë earlier this month may explain why the Liberal leader will devote his second summer foray in Quebec this week to the unlikely issue of pension reform.

Given that alone among the provinces Quebec actually runs a public pension system distinct from the Canada Pension Plan, the chosen theme for Thursday’s visit is an odd fit.

In fairness though, the issue of pension reform may well reflect the interests of a critical mass of Quebec federal Liberals. In this province, it is hard to determine which is aging faster: the federal Liberal membership or the ever-shrinking group of Catholic mass regulars.

Moreover, in light of their ongoing organizing challenges in Quebec, Liberal strategists are at least playing it safe by selecting an issue that comes with the potential of captive audiences.

Ignatieff will be spending the bulk of Thursday afternoon touring a Montreal South Shore seniors’ residence.

The first Quebec leg of Ignatieff’s summer tour last month went unnoticed and polls show that his cross-country travels have had no impact on the province’s electorate.


CanadianSense said...

Like Dion spending time in long held ridings trying to secure the vote before the new low of 24%

How much time has been spent fixing the organization, party finances and getting a large grassroots active to help with the groundwork in each riding.

Anonymous said...

“The (Liberal) party is home to the most federalist constituency in the province”

There’s the rub. Follow the money. Many of these Liberals are federalists only in the sense of typically being an Anglophone in Westmount or from the West Island who will openly say “You Conservatives don’t understand Quebec, if you don’t keep those equalization top ups flowing our way you will start another separatist referendum; only Liberals understand this so I vote Liberal even though I’m a conservative at heart.”

The appeasing Anglophones and the Allophones are as much a problem as the separatists themselves. That sounds like the flip side of Parizeau doesn’t it? But that’s what makes Quebec so hard to analyze.


Jen said...

The MSM is refraining from saying anything negative about Ignatieff which he knows very well. To say anything negative of him or about him can lead Ignatieff to give the media the lengthly trashing.
In other words if the media can refrain from attacking Chretien or Martin on the missing money or the signing of the KYOTO by Chretien among other things, they media, will have to do the same with/for Ignatieff.

wilson said...

'Quebec actually runs a public pension system distinct from the Canada Pension Plan'

And Iffy is making a speech on public Quebec?

Iffy Liberals are sure going after the issues important to Quebecers, eh. lol

CanadianSense said...


you nailed it perfectly. He is clueless about the Canada Pension Plan and how Quebec has run their own, lost 30% and refuses an inquiry.

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