Friday, August 13, 2010

butcher mugabe and the White African

There are few people on earth as vile as the butcher robert mugabe. Where there is a vile, murderous regime ( burma, morth korea, iran etc) there s always a Chinese commie backing it. This walking piece of human refuse is once again exposed in the award winning documentary mugabe and the White African. You can see the Movie on Aug 15, 2010 on the Passionate Eye on cbc at 10 PM ET/PT. The full panoply of mugabe's thuggery, corrution and evil is on display in this award winning documentary. This kleptocrat wants to "run" again to be president of zimbabwe. mugabe is a a nobody. he is a killer and one day his death will be celebrated by all those who love freedom.

Co-directors Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson's eye-opening chronicle, although light on historical context, exposes Mugabe's vicious policy of strong-arming white farmers to surrender their legally owned land for redistribution among poor black Zimbabweans (who are, in reality, bypassed for regime supporters and cronies). Campbell, an unflappable holdout against Mugabe's tactics and a devoted employer of 500 black workers, tries to save his family farm by taking on the dictator in an international court, a move as dangerous as it is unprecedented.

What follows is a devastating series of events in which Campbell, Freeth and their family suffer at the hands of a tyrant in order to change the face of what Freeth calls a "country without a rulebook."


trustonlymulder said...

Mugabe truly is a vile man and I will be one of those celebrating when he passes from this world into the pits of hell where he will rot for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Mugabbe is backed by SA, and SA is run by communists paid for by the Diamond mine owners. Cheaper than paying taxes. (real conservative)

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