Friday, August 13, 2010

Be Afraid enemies of Lord Black

Lord Black has been given leave to start suing his enemies. He is suing some of the weasels for $800 million. This should be fun to watch. He has already won $35000 in damages for the appeal. Here is the ruling.It really is the Count of Monte Cristo story.

The Court of Appeal of Ontario has granted Conrad Black the right to pursue a libel action in Ontario against the directors and officers who accused him of running a “corporate kleptocracy” at Hollinger International Inc.

In its ruling a panel of three appeal court judges said that although Lord Black is no longer a citizen of Canada ““it would be unfair to deprive him of a trial before the community in which his reputation has been damaged .... there is no unfairness in requiring the defendants – sophisticated businessmen who targeted the Canadian media and who reasonably foresaw the possibility that their conduct in posting the statements on the Internet would cause damage to Black’s reputation in Ontario – to defend defamation actions brought in Ontario, where both the tort and the damages occurred.”

Lord Black launched a libel action in 2004 against nine former Hollinger directors and officers, including former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Richard Breeden, who led an internal investigation into the conduct of the companies senior executives. Other officers named in Lord Black’s lawsuit are: Canadian-based director Graham Savage; former Illinois Governor James Thompson, and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Richard Burt, Raymond Seitz, Shmuel Meitar, Gordon Paris and Paul Healy.


wilson said...

Fingers crossed he goes after journalists next.

been around the block said...

I'll be adding his law suits to my special intentions when I say my rosary.

Anonymous said...

Actually Black is more like the erudite and wise Abbey in the story, who tunnels into his cell and passes on his knowledge to a fellow prisoner.

I hope he gets his citizenship back soon.

Babylonian777 said...

I am wondering if there is anyway he could go after Chretien, I mean, I know his health has been bad lately, and I wish the man no harm, but he needs to be confronted for all turbulance he has placed in Mr. Black's life.

been around the block said...

Re your suggestion, Babylonian 777, I'd love to see Lord Black take Jean Chretien to court.

Now that Chretien's heart's been fixed, he should be able to take it. (I wonder if his surgeon was able to add some compassion to Mr. Chretien's ticker, or if it's just thuggery as usual?)

I Support Lord Black