Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arrogant king of the hypocrites

The egos of hollywood is truly breathtaking. james cameron now claims he cancelled the debate on the hoax with Marc Morano, because he is at a higher social standing than Morano. The real reason was that his environmental buddies knew he would be totally defeated. These chicken littles continue to make themselves a laughing stock. They are losing the debate and they are increasingly desperate and pathetic.

Morano said he and two other skeptics—conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and filmmaker Ann McElhinney—were planning to debate Cameron last night, but the director pulled the plug after environmentalists warned him against participating in the forum. Morano said the cancellation was made while he was on his flight to Aspen.

“He let his friends in the environmental community spook him out of this debate,” Morano said. “When he was warned that he was probably going to lose and lose badly, he ran like a scared mouse.”

Morano was "allowed" to speak by these loons who told him to kill himself and had his speech interupted. al gore would have had such people dragged from the room.

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Hoarfrost said...

Add him to the list of embarrassing Canadians. At least here in Canada we can be proud of our government. Skepticism of some main stream demagogues does not mean lack of concern about potential climate change. It means concern about killing off most of our population with current proposals to combat something that may not require such drastic action.

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