Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are the chicken littles in retreat?

Wow chicken littles who don't want to turn back civilization to the 1800's . I guess that is an improvement. Here is a suggestion . Perhaps you can actually argue the science and not be exaggerate hysterically.

Most of the media have been eager to embrace both global warming alarmism and the most unscientific suggestion that “we” (read: politicians) can and must “do something” (read: political control of the economy). But with everyone saying that Harry Reid has killed Cap and Trade bill by default in tabling it, some media outlets are actually starting to talk some sense.

In this National Geographic piece by Robert Kunzig - for a magazine that has been particularly alarmist on this issue - the author makes two admissions that have rarely been made in the pages of an MSM piece on climate change and mitigation: first, that technology - some form of geo-engineering - may suffice in lieu of draconian policies; and second, that our way of life and our economy would be significantly threatened by said policies.

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