Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anti Christian bigotry

Once again people come to the defence of people in the name of political correctness, who didn't need or want "protection. If this had been a Muslim group I doubt these lefty do gooders would have done this. It is now open season on Christians. Will the anti Christian bigot michael savage now apologize? I doubt it. apparently reading the Bible loudly is a hate crime according to the intolerant left.

Presumed victim of ‘homophobia’ angry neighbours lashed out at preachers
Comments Twitter LinkedIn Digg Buzz Email Drew Halfnight August 26, 2010 – 8:00 am

Blair Chiasson, the presumed victim of what was believed to be a homophobic incident in Toronto’s east end, was supposed to be thankful to the residents who rushed to his defence.

Instead, he is angry at those who lashed out at street preachers conducting a service across from his house.

“They took a non-issue and turned it into an issue,” he said on Wednesday.

Residents on his street in Leslieville confronted members of Highfield Road Gospel Hall on Sunday night and forced them to leave. One resident, Geoffrey Skelding, caught the tail end of the clash on video and posted it on YouTube.

The video, which has now been viewed more than 78,000 times, appears with a headline calling the congregents “religious haters” and a cutline accusing them of “grouping in front of a couple’s house and reading their bible loudly.”

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been around the block said...

I'm glad to see that the story has opened up, to such an extent that people in Leslieville are pointing out that this Christian group of evangelists has never targeted any individuals or groups, but is always on the streets evangelizing: That's what evangelists do!

The first reports made it "clear" that these Christians were homophobes, but having viewed the video that Geoffrey Skelding posted on youtube, it wasn't clear to me at all. In fact, I rewrote the headline in my head: "Gay rights trump freedom of religion and freedom of expression every time."

I'm having to wonder what Geoffrey Skelding's agenda was/is in all of this.

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