Friday, August 13, 2010

Another reason to despise the eu

The eu has fined the UNited Kingdom for not flying the eu flag enough. What utter nonsense. Then we have the eu ambassaddor to US saying he will speak for the United Kingdom. The UK needs to have a referendum on the changes and thus the lisbon treaty. The eu is an out of control statist bureaucracy. It must be opposed. The UK should join with the other nations of the Anglosphere in a free trade agreement. I would one day love to see the Commonwealth as a vast free trade zone. Forget the central bureaucracies and nitpicking bureaucrats. The eu is not good for the UK. It is good for nanny statism.
Apparently HM UK Government has refused to pay this stupid fine. It would be better if the UK stopped giving all this money to the UK , which is then redistributed under the eu banner. keep the money and cut the deficit and taxes.

Brussels has fined Britain more than £150million for failing to display the EU flag on a string of projects part-funded by Europe.
Several schemes were also penalised for failing to use the flag on their letterheads.
The fines relate to £3.8billion given to the UK by the European Regional Development Fund over a seven-year period.
The fund has contributed to dozens of projects including the Eden Project, in Cornwall, the Millennium Bridge, in Gateshead, and the redevelopment of Liverpool’s King’s Dock.
Funding from the ERDF usually has to be matched pound for pound by Government cash.
Britain is a net contributor to the EU budget and critics have long complained that ERDF funding is essentially recycled taxpayers’ money.


Anonymous said...

The UK should practice a little civil disobedience and not pay the fine. If you pay the fine, you acknowledge their authority. Enough said. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Frances said...

Back after the war, the Commonwealth was a trading zone, and there were preferential tariffs within in. Then the Brits decided their future lay to the east, and the Commonwealth was dumped.

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