Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Abortion in Canada

It is interesting do not realize that babies in canada can be killed until they exit their mother's womb and it is perfectly legal. Killing a baby after the age of viability is infanticide pure and simple. There are only a few hundre doctors in this country that will perform abortions at all. Even morgentaler won't do abortions after 18 weeks. So why don't we have an abortion law that limits abortion after the first trimester? That is the law in most European countries. Are we that more "progressive".
The pro abortion side wants o keep Canadians in this fog. Most Canadians want limitations on this elective procedure. I say that it should only be done privately without state payment. It is an elective procedure. It should alos be limited to very early in pregnancy. Women and men must be given counseling before this to explain alternatives to this procedure. Many Canadians go abroad to adopt, there are massive numbers of Canadians awaiting fertility treatments. Perhaps we can try and adopt some of the 90000 children who are aborted every year.

Two-thirds of Canadians do not know that Canada has no abortion law, according to a new poll that indicates Canadians are woefully misinformed about a landmark ruling in the country’s history.

The poll, which asked 1,022 Canadian adults about their understanding of the country’s abortion regulations, found that just 22% of Canadians correctly identified a woman’s right to an abortion with no governmental restrictions. Canada has not had legislated abortion rules since 1988, making the country an “absolute outlier” on the issue, according to a medical ethicist.

“There’s really only a very small number of Canadians that correctly identify the current situation in Canada,” says pollster Jaideep Mukerji, who worked on the Angus-Reid poll, which was released on Tuesday. “That could be problematic.”

“Once you explain to them what the actual law is, there’s only 27% of Canadians that say that the status quo [of no law] should be maintained. There’s a majority of Canadians that would like to make some change to that status quo,” Mr. Mukerji said.


PopeMolestor said...

Why do the anti-abortion activists support child molestation? Is because they are Catholic? I work at a hospital and this fact boggles many minds!

Anonymous said...

What a silly argument by a silly person. I guess you support infanticide.

Anonymous said...

LEAVE THE NO LAW ALONE. We will end up with something stupid and useless litigation.

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