Saturday, July 10, 2010

Want a Job? Go to Tory Canada

Even some at the red star and the leftists at huffpo realize the amazing job numbers in Canada. Though this red star lefty still wants to regulate and block trade. Her article is pretty funny given the latest job numbers, but why let facts get in the way of left wing anti trade ideology.
Wait until bo allows the Bush tax cuts to expire. We may see a lot of economic refugees from socialist( 55% of Americans believe he is a scoialist) bo. It would be nice to have welathy Americans immigrate to Canada and bring even more capital and jobs. No wonder the grits and dippers have no comments on the economy of late.
More from former. Blogging Tory Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.

HuffPost offers job advice: Move to CanadaPublished On Fri Jul 9 2010
HuffPost offers job advice: Move to Canada

The Canadian Press
A popular U.S. website has a unique suggestion for Americans desperately seeking work.

The advice? Move to Canada.

There’s a fluttering Maple Leaf on the homepage today of the Huffington Post, a site popular for its news and celebrity blogs.

The accompanying headline says: Need A Job? Try Canada, Where Hiring Is Booming And Home Prices Are Rising.

That article comes amid news that Canada’s economy added a whopping 93,200 new jobs last month; the U.S., meanwhile, continues to struggle with unemployment woes.

The bottom of the HuffPost article carries a poll, asking people whether they would be willing to move to Canada for work.

The early results of that poll — which is by no means scientific: Fifty-five per cent said they’d move to Canada if that’s where the jobs are, while 19 per cent said they’d stay in the States.

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