Thursday, July 01, 2010

Unemployment numbers for US not good

 Employment got a brief boost with the census hires, but it looks like bo will get further bad news tomorrow. Jobless claims have been rising.
 If reports are correct tomorrow's job numbers will show very anemic private sector job creation and overall losses. As Canada prospers under a Tory government, the US continues to struggle with a leftist president.

....but today the Wall Street Journal is reporting that one private group says there were only 13,000 private sector jobs added in June (down from May's 57,000)......and the jobs report out tomorrow by the Labor Department show overall payrolls FELL 110,000 in June. That is NOT good news.

Then we have the speaker of the house pelosi who believes unemployment insurance payouts are a job creator.


Anonymous said...

That means 260 jobs created per state. Not good!

You only have to google Unemployment Stories to see how desperate many people are.

Mutton Chops said...

George W. Bush should run for president in 2012. He would probably beat Obama :)

Wouldn't that just piss of the far left to no end.

Anonymous said...

Bush caused the recession not Obama.

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