Saturday, July 17, 2010

A truly stupid judge dhimmi

So a woman murders her daughter and the idiot judge lets her go home. I guess the young girl's life was of no value. This judge needs to be fired. He is a disgrace to the bench. I certainly hope appeals court reverses this truly unbelievably stupid decision. injustice lovecchio has no business being in a court room except as a defendant.
She killed her eldest child, her only daughter. She used a head scarf as a ligature and spent at least 150 seconds holding it tight it as the 14-year-old first struggled, went limp, then slipped away.

For this, Aset Magomadova will not spend a day in jail. The refugee from Chechnya, convicted of manslaughter last October for the 2007 death of her daughter Aminat, was handed a suspended sentence Thursday -- with three years' probation -- by Justice Sal LoVecchio.

It was a pronouncement that some courtroom observers had anticipated, taking into account the way LoVecchio, during earlier sentencing arguments, had grilled the Crown prosecutor, while seeming to agree with defence lawyer Alain Hepner's argument that if any case was worthy of a compassionate approach, this was it.


byng said...

meanwhile the white, male, Christian man from near the Battlefords Sk, got 10 years for the mercy killing of his severely disabled daughter..............
Guess he should have converted to Islam, to get any justice in this country

Gadget said...

Now all someone has to do is remind the CBSA to have her deported!

Anonymous said...

Term Limits for judges. 5 year terms, 2 terms max for SCOC 3 term max for lower courts.

Then if we find ourselves stuck with an idiot like this the good news is that it won't be forever.

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