Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tories can learn from Oz Liberals

 I like this feature on the Aussie Liberal site

You can add policy ideas and people can vote on them.  My friend in Oz explains:
"The Liberal Party of Australia website allows members to post their policy ideas for others to discuss and comment on. People can comment, and they can also tick whether whether they "support" the idea, "like it" or "dislike" it.
If 100 people support it, the shadow secretary for the relevent ministry will respond, when 500 people support the idea, the shadow minister will respond, and if over 1000 people support the idea, the leader will respond.
It's really great how the party is an incubator for policy debate."
My friend is going to have his idea commented on.

I think we should have such a system at I think you should have to register to vote or post an idea, to avoid trolls. It is always good to encourage grassroots democracy.

 May I also take this opportunity to wish The Tony Abbott and the Coalition much success in the upcoming elections. Labour must be defeated.

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Cool Blue said...

The Canadian Greens actually do something like this as well.

IMO, you should have to register to get into and view the comment section, otherwise lefties and the leftie media will have a field day with it.

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