Monday, July 05, 2010


My friend David Harris a former senior CSIS official wrote the above article "Beware of Chinese Spy Games" in 1995. We have known of Chinese espionage for some time. It seems funny that the opposition has suddenly decided to pay attention to decades old problem now. They seem to be attacking the current CSIS Chief for telling the truth. A Chinese commie front organization has criticized Fadden. As David Harris says we should be grateful to Fadden. We seemed to have learned absolutely nothing from the cold war. The chinese commies are using money, influence and blackmailing innocent people from China in Canada. I'm glad Fadden spoke up.

To intelligence officers, it is called "foreign influenced activity" -- FIA. The law books call it manipulation that is "detrimental to the interests of Canada and . . . clandestine or deceptive or involve(s) a threat to any person."

Either way, it is a direct threat to the constitutional order of Canada, and Canadians should be grateful to CSIS Director Richard Fadden for saying as much in his recent televised warning.

Those who find his portrayal that Canadian politicians are being used as pawns by foreign government agents of "influence activity" overblown may not understand its insidious possibilities. Or why Parliament specifically named FIA in the CSIS Act as one of only four defined threats to the security of Canada.

Fadden's alert came to this: there may be Canadian municipal politicians, provincial cabinet ministers and perhaps some bureaucrats operating under the influence and control of foreign countries.

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Owner and Doggy said...

The idea was that as a spy, Fadden should have told this fact only to those who need to know. He shouldn't have been vague about it in public. He either should have told the whole truth in public, or none of it.

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