Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rex on dalton's latest "green " tax

Yet another tax from dalton mcliar. His no tax promise a distant memory. More eco nonsense. It's just another tax.

We’re ages away from times when magic and wizardry, mumbling of spells and incantations held minds captive and populated the world with invisible, unknowable phantoms and forces. The only serious incantation I can recall from literature is over 400 years old. It comes in a late work of Shakespeare’s great rival, Christopher Marlowe. Faustus is desperate to make contact with Lucifer, and knows just how to go about it:

Faustus, begin thine incantations
And try if devils will obey thy hest …
Within this circle is Jehovah’s name,
Forward and backward anagrammatiz’d,
Th’ abbreviated names of holy saints,
Figures of every adjunct to the heavens,
And characters of signs and erring stars,
By which the spirits are enforc’d to rise

You can be sure that at the turn of the 1600s, when these lines were voiced, not a few in the audience trembled in real horror that a very real devil — the right words having been spoken — might indeed show up. As of course, in the play, Mephistophilis, a “servant of great Lucifer” does. Faustus knows only too well that it was the words of the spell, the right words, that had the power to conjure the demon: “I see there’s virtue in my heavenly words.”

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