Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It is no surprise to me or most people who have been paying attention, that the isi is actively helping the taliban. Indeed as I have written before, the isi created the taliban. India has been complaining about the isi for a long time. Finally the rest of the world understands. I am not sure the pakistani government is strong enoughto defeat the jihadi thugs in the isi. It would be good if the pakistani government at leasy acknowledged the problem.

There seem to be few surprises in the 90,000 or more Afghanistan war documents released Sunday on the WikiLeaks website, and by The New York Times, Britain’s Guardian newspaper and Germany’s weekly Der Spiegel. Pacifying the Taliban and turning Afghanistan into a functioning civil state is going slower than expected. Bribery and corruption remain rampant, which is further retarding development of the rule of law. And elements within the Pakistani military and intelligence service freely aid the Taliban and al-Qaeda against NATO forces in Afghanistan.

It’s bad news. But most of it was already known. These are not the Pentagon Papers, the top-secret Vietnam-era documents whose disclosure seemed to prove that successive U.S. administrations knew the war in Southeast Asia was unwinnable, but perpetuated it anyway largely to save face even as casualties escalated.
Our troops already know progress is slow, so this disclosure is unlikely to weaken their resolve. Canadians, in particular, are under few illusions. Home-front support for our mission likely will be undeterred.


Joe said...

I wonder if the 'leak' wasn't intended to embarrass the politicians into doing something. I read that some lowly little private is going down for it but I think he may have been the pawn in a much bigger chess game.

CanadianSense said...

The Americans created this problem to help push out the Russians. They did with teaching the Japanese about modern warfare and selling them the weapons.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Pakistan is aiding the rebels in Afghanistan because Pakistan is a refuge for certain Afghani refugees from the fighting. Also Pakistan has regions that nobody has control over, so anything goes in those mountainous Northern areas. (real conservative)

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