Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not a complete whitewash

Some light has shone through the latest whitewash . Lawrence Soloman points that the findings of the committee recognize that there is a legitimate debate going on. Something the warmist have denied and tried to squelch. The fight against the environmentostalinisists is not over, but it can no longer be denied by the statist forces.

The report, in other words, dissects the nature of the scientific debate over global warming — the word “debate” appears more than 50 times in the report. “In its successive assessment reports, the IPCC has sought to achieve a scientific consensus, but many continue to challenge the basis of its work and its conclusions, it states. The IPCC’s failure to establish a consensus led to a debate that “became highly polarized in websites, journals and conferences across the world. As a result, the work conducted by CRU became the focus of intense scrutiny and challenge, with multiple demands from both fellow scientists and laymen for background information and data.”

The global warming debate, the report makes clear, is real and legitimate, conducted by respectable parties who have every right to challenge the science and to hold the climate science establishment accountable.

The panellists criticize the Climategate scientists for being defensive and unhelpful, for withholding data, for providing misleading information, for hiding behind claims of peer review science, for having been “blinded … to the possibility of merit” in the claims of their critics, for needlessly exacerbating antagonism among the parties through their behaviour, and even for breaking the law. The conduct of the Climategate scientists, the panellists decided, not only brought them and their university into disrepute, but it also harmed the cause of science.


ck said...

AFter record breaking heatwave. Record deaths the past week in Montreal. The heatwave is still on and continuing. The heat related illnesses and deaths will continue and records will continue to break this summer and next and you're still on with that on with that climate change denying nonsense??

Give it a rest... Those who published the original articles have even recanted.

Larry said...

It's all relative ck.. Out west when you had your hea wave (which is called "summer" by the way), we had cold rainy weather.

Central Canada is not the centre of the universe, as much as you'd like to think it is.

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