Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Apologies...

Another letter to the editor in the Montreal Gazette. I replied to this letter. Tha letter was in reply to this one, which I agree with.

Raj had its virtues

The Gazette July 13, 2010 4:11 AM

Re: "Britain should apologize" (Letters, July 12).

Even Indian historians are reassessing the Raj. I was born in Keral, but have lived in Canada since childhood. Britain left behind a tradition of democracy, a government infrastructure, railways, roads, lower infant mortality rates, a professional army, and the English language (still an official language). They left India without huge battles.

How far do these apologies have to go? Will and Ariel Durant document close to 100 million Hindus were killed in the Muslim conquest of India.

We should forget the apologies and get on with our lives. The people of India have. They have a thriving country that will do very well in this century, mostly because of their hard work and partly because of the legacies of the Raj.

Roy Eappen Montreal

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Anonymous said...

Well said! All colonialists are not equal. India was lucky the Belgians didn’t rule or that the Moguls didn’t carry on. The Brits were less then perfect but leaving behind 50,000 miles of track for instance is not exactly a handicap.


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