Friday, July 23, 2010

My Letter in the Gazette on Lord Black

I am very happy that Conrad Black has been released from his unjust imprisonment. Black is a brilliant man who has contributed greatly to Canadian society.

Everyone who visits London should see the war memorial that Black helped make possible in Green Park. The National Post is a wonderful newspaper started by Black. He is a prolific author. While in prison he educated many in and out of prison.

The U.S. government's persecution of this great man has soured my view of American justice. I hope the Canadian government restores Black's citizenship that a mean-spirited Jean Chretien insist he renounce if he wished to take his seat in the House of Lords.

Roy Eappen Montreal

Hopefully the judge will allow Lord Black to come home. Lorne Gunter has it right, as does Joe Warmington.

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Anonymous said...

If Black was teaching other inmates how to write then they learned from one of the best. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black