Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More wishful thinking by jeffy

Jeffy thinks the media has a rightward slant. he thinks the mop and pail is actually a right wing paper. Huh??? He also is wishing very hard that SunTV News won't be able to penetrate the market much. jeffy , I have news for you we will get SunTv news and it will change the tepid face of Canadian news programming. It will hopefully obliterate the cbc and ctv. Your paper and its affiliated networks are extremely left wing and anti Tory. You really need to get your head out of the sand. SunTV News is coming prepare lefties, the battle has only just begun. Jeffy you and your grit overlords better find a new mode of attack. This column is pretty pathetic.

Facts, however, never got in the way of ideological conviction. So to those on the hard right, the media are, and have always been, liberal, socialist and otherwise in cahoots with the squishy establishment that runs Canada.

Seized with this conviction and, of course, determined to make money, the financiers and organizers of Sun TV, so-called Fox News North, promise a new cable station by Jan. 1 to bring a “populist” view to the people, “populist” being a euphemism for angry, pithy, loud conservatism.

They want to take their existing broadcast licence for the pathetically weak Sun TV and turn it into a “mandatory offer” licence, so the cable companies would be obliged to place Sun TV in one of the packages they offer subscribers.

People in high dudgeon about its arrival should calm down. Sun TV won’t be watched by many people, if the audiences for the other all-news channels are any guide. Most of those who watch will be committed right-wingers looking, like most consumers of news and information, to have previously held opinions reaffirmed.


Anonymous said...

wow, you're a bitter man Roy. and i thought fat people were jolly.

jckirlan said...

Ah yes Anon. The obligatory ad hominem of the left.
How about discussing what was being debated. Guess not.

Dr Roy, you're right; the left are in full panic mode. But that is when they become most enjoyable to watch; whether they are out of office or about to be outed as the fifth column, their crazy actions show their true colours.
Keep up the good work Dr Roy.

surecure said...

For left-wing extremists, everything that isn't a left-wing propaganda machine is to the right of them... thus it has to be right wing.

A gay-bashing, white-supremacist would call the Toronto Sun a left-wing newspaper. Same thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree , the left are in full panic mode over SunTV , as they have no doubt seen what happened in the US with Fox News.

It seems as soon as any right-of-center politician or organization attempts to challenge the "divine right" of the LEFT to impose their views without any debate , the LEFT goes berserk.

The MSM in Canada is a disgrace. Global TV wasn't happy there was enough violence at the G20 so they added some video from Vancouver Olympic protests to spice it up , and the moron who added the video didn't notice the Vancouver logo on the box.

Today the Star attempts to smear Rob Ford , again because he is a front runner for Toronto mayor and right of center.

... the list goes on and on.

Canada really needs a SunTV


wilson said...

'Sun TV won’t be watched by many people'

LOL, every news person will be watching SunTV to see the scoops.
Lazy boring msm will sit up and take notice. guaranteed.

For the 75% of us who do not vote Liberal, we look forward to non-Liberal-sources-say news.

Hoarfrost said...

Jeffy get tingles running up and down his legs when Iffy does his Hugo Chavez bit about the smell of sulpher.

Anonymous said...

Surecure, You are implying that gay-bashing and white supremecism are right wing. This is simply not the case. It is a terrible myth perpetrated by anti-conservatives. All conservatives must speak out against this slander and correct the public record, as I am doing now.

byng said...

"angry, pithy, loud conservatism"? - you mean like non fear of exposing climate change lies, HRC outrages, and Liberal spewed talking points ad nauseum ?

-and surely Mr. Simpson, in fairness, you would also be against the annual 1+ billion subsidy to CBC ?

hmmmmm.....I say let us bring it on

CanadianSense said...

The left are afraid, the loss of entitlements is making for alot of sleepless nights and soiled diapers.

They compare the CPC majority with the sacking of Rome. The left are becoming more mentally unhinged as the wheels fall off the Liberal bus.

The only people to blame is the left for not having an honest debate. They chose to play political games and push fake scandals again.

The voters will decide if they want the tax and spend coalition parties or the Conservatives this Fall.

I am not worried how Canadians will vote.

Same with Toronto regarding Rob Ford, a tax cutter or the same old tired bloated government.

I Support Lord Black