Saturday, July 31, 2010

More problems for the dems

The midterms keep getting bleaker for the dems. It seems two prominent members of the Congressional Black caucus will will tried in the house for ethics violations.
This is on top of Congressman Massa and congressman Jefferson and of course bo's friend blago . Corruption charges against the GOP figured prominently in the last election cycle and cost the GOP. It is interesting to note that Senator Steven of Alaska was completely cleared and the prosecutors severely criticized. This will be a very unpleasant time for the dems. If rangel and waters had an decency they would resign. Instead some of their prominent dem colleagues are defending them. Though the dems who fear defeat are calling for rangel's resignation.

“Charlie Rangel is not reflecting a culture of anything,” added Rep. Henry Waxman, a California Democrat who has served with Rangel in Congress since 1975. “He’s being charged with personal errors that may amount and may not amount to violations of the ethics rules; that has not been determined.”
So much for pelosi's claims that she would be draining the swamp. Most of the swamp seems to be inside the dem caucus. Read more from Michelle Malkin.

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