Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mansur on football

I am not a big soccer fan. I have only peripherally followed the World cup. I am gald that it is the KIngdom of Spain vs the Kingdom of the Netrherlands. I wish both teams the best of luck. I would have preferred an English victory, but alas.
I agree with Dr Mansur, it is a wonderful time for sports and friendship.

There is no event that equals the quadrennial FIFA World Cup tournament in bringing people together from around the world to watch the best footballers play their game.

It is a month-long feast for football lovers, and those dismissive of the sport for whatever reason sound pathetic in the midst of the football carnival that takes hold of the planet every four years.

In our world of endless strife and cynicism, football transcends frontiers of race, religion, class and ideology. Anyone possessing two good feet can readily find joy in stroking, dribbling and kicking a ball on a pitch anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Viva La Espana!!!!!
Its wonderful to see Spanish players from such diverse autonomous regions from Catalonia to Asturia playing together on one team.

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