Tuesday, July 27, 2010


                                                        Prof Jan Narveson

                                                              John Carpay

                                            Matt Bufton                    Peter Jaworski

I recently attended the Tenth anniversary edition of the Liberty Summer Seminar. It was great to see many friends and celebrate freedom in Orono, Ontario. Some of the high handed actions of the Ontario government, emphasized that the fight for freedom never really ends. Swimming has been banned in the Pond at the site. Also Peter's mom was not allowed to cook for the gathered crowd because of snooping by a nosy competitor and health department intervention. These things can be overcome by getting permits that cost tens of thousands of dollars.
I wasn't able to stay for the whole weekend. I actually had to work on Saturday night. I did get to hear Prof Jan Narveson and Canadian Constitution Foundation director John Carpay. I would have loved to hear the other great speakers in person. I will have to watch them online. We did have the annual LSS rain storm and we even had CBC reporter Kady O'Malley in attendance. Another great event by the Institute for Liberal Studies. You should make a donation! Help the ILS teach more young people about freedom.

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