Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lord Black on Lord Black

It is touching to read of Lord Black's affection for Lady Black. They have been married 18 years. Lady Black did not abandon Lord Black during this ordeal. I have been struck by the nastiness of the gossips particularly about Lady Black. I am also saddened by the shadenfreude of some Canadians who seem jealous of the wealthy and successful.
I am still a law and order conservative, but I have been disillusioned with the American justice system. They jail too many people,often for far too long. I want violent offenders and sexual predators heavily punished. Jailing people like drug users is often not very useful. As I have said before I am tending to believe the Portuguese system is probably better way. Arbitrary laws with too much prosecutorial discretion is a bad idea. This case and the Duke "rape" case have been eye opening to me. I still think our system is too lenient with violent criminals and especially on sexual predators, I don't want a situation where 1% of our population is incarcerated often for years for minor drug offences.
I am pleased that Lord Black has been released. He should never have been criminally prosecuted. These were civil matters. Hollinger has lost billions of dollars worth of value.
This prosecution has at lest had the side effect of exposing a vague and capricious law, at great cost to great man. I hope he is back in Canada very soon.
A steady stream of well-wishers from all factions of the compound came to say goodbye, as I put my books and papers and a few clothes items into cardboard boxes. (The only article of clothing that I took that was not among the few things I had bought myself was the nondescript brown shirt bequeathed to me when he left by the don of one of the famous New York gang families).

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The Mafiosi, the Colombian drug dealers, (including a senator with whom I had a special greeting as a fellow member of a parliamentary upper house), the American drug dealers, high and low, black, white, and Hispanic; the alleged swindlers, hackers, pornographers, credit card fraudsters, bank robbers, and even an accomplished airplane thief; the rehabilitated and unregenerate, the innocent and the guilty, and in almost all cases the grossly over-sentenced, streamed in steadily for hours, to make their farewells.

Most goodbyes were brief and jovial, some were emotional, and a few were quite heart-rending. Many of the 150 students that my very able fellow tutors and I had helped to graduate from high school, came by, some of them now enrolled in university by cyber-correspondence.

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Patsplace said...

The term Great Man does not apply to many, but it does apply to Lord Black. Sent to prison on trumped up charges, watches the very people that charged him, wipe out Hollinger and bankrupt many innocent people and what does he do in prison, helps 150 men graduate high school. Great Men do things like this.

I Support Lord Black