Monday, July 19, 2010

John Williamson

My friend John Williamson has been very busy in the last couple of years. He obtained a Master's degree at the London School of Economics. He was HM PM Harper's Director of Communications. Now he is running to be the CPC candidate in South New Brunswick. He is a young man, but has already had a distinguished career. He was National Director of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation and has written extensively while at the NP. He is a funny, brilliant energetic guy. He is right on policy. He helped bring the party back together and back into government. He would be an excellent MP. Check out his website. Then donate, volunteer and vote for John!

• Job creation and opportunities for families

• Lower taxes

• A government that lives within its means

• Tougher sentences for criminals and compassion and fairness for the victims of crime

• Scrapping a useless long-gun registry that unfairly criminalizes farmers and hunters

• Supporting the Canadian Forces and our men and women in uniform

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