Wednesday, July 07, 2010

jaggi's in jail

jaggi tweeted a video of the various sites in Toronto. he has been charged with conspiracy. I am still waiting to see if the Montreal police charge him for the incident at McGill earlier this year. He works for qprig. So student tuition fees are funding his various activities. Another reason to defund qprig and oprig.

Well-known Montreal-based protester Jaggi Singh has turned himself in to Toronto police following the recent G20 protests.

Singh was the subject of an arrest warrant, according to a statement released Tuesday by immigrant rights group No One is Illegal Montreal.

The group said Singh is expected to face charges including criminal conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Right on!
This guy is a threat to society - Put him away for a long, long time.
An accident waiting to happen.

Louise said...

Have they thrown away the key yet?

Hoarfrost said...

When he gets out of jail he will be an NDP hero. Do you think that might even run for that party.

Louise said...

I'm sure the charges won't stick. Even if they do, that'll only make him some sort of hero, like you say, Hoarfrost. Jaggi and Libby. What a pair.

Luca Manfredi said...

Jail isn't a nice place, as he will soon discover and, hopefully, have plenty of time to ruminate

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