Thursday, July 29, 2010

Intrigue in Toronto

The Toronto mayoral race seems to be having some intrigue. For the millionth time someone says John Tory senior is running. His two sons are apparently working for Sarah Thomson. One of John Tory's sons was to be Thomson's campaign manager.Where is that son? Which also begs the question where is Sarah's old campaign manager , the lovely, highly competent and very well connected Wendy Stewart. Wendy was the reason I was initially supporting Sarah. The more conspiracy minded among us might see a plot.

A chief campaign strategist on Thomson’s very small team is Tory’s son, John Tory Jr. And on Wednesday, the buzz was that another of Tory’s sons, George Tory, was to be named Thomson’s new campaign manager.

Both, according to a source, told Thomson before signing on that they would leave should their father enter the race.

What began as a fringe candidacy in January, buttressed in part by Thomson’s gender in the white male political landscape, has evolved into a formidable run at city hall. An Environics poll released in June showed the plucky Women’s Post publisher running third — ahead of deputy mayor Joe Pantalone.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah is doing well and better than anyone gave her credit for, but she was helped by the hatchet job that Toronto liberals did on Giambrone. I'm voting for Rob Ford and at this point I say if Tory wants to run: bring it on! I think that Tory being such a 'red' PCer, will hurt Smitherman and all the others on the left more than Ford. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black