Thursday, July 15, 2010

iffy's declining years?

jim travers and iffy are both grits. I suspect jim travers is more of a grit than iffy. travers seems to be orchestrating a campaign to get rid of the grit albatross.
iffy was annoyed and said In an unusual step, Ignatieff took a shot directly at Travers, a veteran journalist and columnist with the Star.

“Jim Travers is a good journalist but he’s starting to write fiction here in his declining years,” Ignatieff said.

Asked whether the Star story was the result of mischief by his political opponents, Ignatieff said he wouldn't comment.

It is interesting to note, as David Akins does on twitter, that iffy and travers are the same age. I guess iffy just puts his mouth repeatedly in his mouth during his declining years. I am sure iffy will have a soft landing, but he should return abroad. iffy really isn't comfortable in Canada. Apparently he believes that all of us average canadians always wear plaid. Even some of our friends feel sorry for iffy. The dippers are helping. iffy also says he won't force an election. That's good. We should reintroduce a lot of new legislation. Eliminate section 13.1, cut all advocacy funding, cut the civil service by 25%, cut electoral welfare and abolish intraprovincial barriers for a start.


Alex said...

Love your ideas on new legislation :)

been around the block said...

Iggy: “Jim Travers is a good journalist but he’s starting to write fiction here in his declining years.”


'Maybe the first factual thing Iggy's ever said, EXCEPT THAT Travesty isn't just STARTING to write fiction, he's been doing it all along, especially since the CPC formed the government.

When the l/Liberal$ start turning on each other, you know it's good to be alive! I hope, that like the tigers running around the tree so fast that they turned into butter -- in that "politically incorrect" but lovely story, "Little Black Sambo" -- the Liberal$ and their "supporters" are equally transformed. 'Just think of the pancake supper they could host ...

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