Saturday, July 03, 2010

iffy is not the only one in trouble...

with their respective party. Seems ellie may is not universally loved. Considering her deputy ended up joining the bloc, guess this was to be expected. I doubt many wuld miss her if she disappeared from the federal political scene.

Some Greens have the blues about May

By DAVID AKIN, Parliamentary Bureau Chief

Last Updated: July 2, 2010 6:07pm

OTTAWA – Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is fighting for her job, QMI Agency has learned, and is campaigning to avoid a mandatory leadership review set for this fall.

In a letter to supporters, May appeals to Greenies to get behind her in a “critical” vote to be held in August at a party convention in Toronto.

“Some resolutions would cause an immediate leadership race, forcing me to resign - even before the next election,” May writes. “It is entirely up to you, our members, whether I remain as leader through the next election or not. If members want me to step down, so be it. It will have been my honour to serve you since 2006.”

A member of the party’s governing council – and an opponent of May’s – says veiled threats to quit is a tactic she’s used before the scare the party’s grassroots into line.

“There is a real sense of desperation in her words,” the council member said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

May, in Montreal Friday, said she’s simply trying to rouse her members to get involved.

“There’s an election on and this one really matters,” she said.

Other sources close to the party say many Greens simply have not accepted the results of the 2006 leadership race that May won.

“There is constant strife,” the source says. “She just hasn’t taken control of the party.”


Alberta Girl said...

She used the same tactic to get into the debates where she joined the gang up on the PM and did nothing to add to them except yell negatives.

It is obviously her tactic to play the victim and hopefully get people on her side.

I hope the Green membership do the right thing.

Patrick Ross said...

In this case, we should define "the right thing" as not allowing Elizabeth May to escape a mandatory leadership review.

At least the Green Party is finally going to deliver verdict on the personality cult that Lizzie May has tried to build around the party.

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