Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hope in Oz?

 I was not very optimistic of a Coalition victory in Oz. I am a little more hopeful now. The leaks coming out of labour have been damaging. Good luck to Tony Abbott, a climate realist and Monarchist and our coalition friends.

The latest Nielson Poll represented a stunning reversal of fortunes for the government after a week in which damaging leaks about Ms Gillard's deliberations on the pension rise and paid parental leave and continued speculation on the role of the man she deposed as Prime Minister sucked the oxygen from Labor's campaign.

Ms Gillard said she sent a message of goodwill to Mr Rudd who has been hospitalised for a gall bladder operation.

The poll showed Labor's primary vote had fallen six points in a week to 36 per cent while the coalition's primary vote rose four to 45 per cent. The Greens remained steady at 12 per cent.

The poll also showed Ms Gillard's approval rating had fallen five points to 51 per cent and disapproval rating rose six points to 39 per cent.

Mr Abbott's approval rose six points to 49 per cent and his disapproval fell six points to 45 per cent.

Mr Gillard's 21 point lead in the preferred Prime Minister stakes had fallen to a 49-41 lead.

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