Thursday, July 29, 2010

The hoax is dead?

An obituary for the church of kyoto and the chicken little movement.

The Death Of The Global Warming Movement
Shikha Dalmia, 07.28.10, 4:00 PM ET

Future historians will pinpoint Democratic Sen. Harry Reid's energy legislation, released Tuesday, as the moment that the political movement of global warming entered an irreversible death spiral. It is kaput! Finito! Done!

This is not just my read of the situation; it is also that of Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate-turned-Democratic-apparatchik. In his latest column for The New York Times, Krugman laments that “all hope for action to limit climate change died” in 2010. Democrats had a brief window of opportunity before the politics of global warming changed forever in November to ram something through Congress. But the Reid bill chose not to do so for the excellent reason that Democrats want to avoid an even bigger beating than the one they already face at the polls.

Not only does the bill avoid all mention of an economy-wide emission cap through a cap-and-tax--oops, cap-and-trade--scheme, it even avoids capping emissions or imposing renewable electricity standards on utility companies, the minimum that enviros had hoped for. Beyond stricter regulations on off-shore drilling, it offers subsidies to both homeowners to encourage them to make their homes more energy efficient and the nation's fleet of trucks to use cleaner burning natural gas. This is not costless, but it is a bargain compared with the “comprehensive” action on energy and climate change that President Barack Obama had been threatening.


CanadianSense said...

I am not convinced, too much money has been spent.
Ontario, BC, Quebec may join California in their own Carbon Offset initiative.

Ontario has already moved ahead with Samsung for Giant Fans FIT promising an inflated hydro rate for 20 years estimated at $ 7 billion.

November 2010 elections in the US may finally end the democratic majority.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope your assessment is correct and our loony fringe has given up. Then I read the headline in the National Post and was made aware that the scam group won't stay dead.
Perhaps the end of the democratic rule in the US Congress will be the real end, but I doubt it. 43 years ago I watched the same groups march about the doom of the triple threat which never happened.
When will they ever learn...perhaps when hell freezes over! Mel from Kelowna

Alex said...


That's a battle won. There is still Mexico City to deal with. I don't think the war is over yet.

CanadianSense said...

But critics say the certainty provided by the government merely creates a corporate welfare feeding frenzy. Under the FIT, the Ontario Power Authority pays wind power producers 13.5 cents per kWh – more than twice the rate for traditional electricity and nearly double the rate paid to wind producers in the States. On top of that, the rate will increase with the consumer price index. The minimum OPA contract for this rate structure is 20 years.

Michael Trebilcock heads the program of law and economics at the University of Toronto. He says the government and the wind industry are not being responsible to power consumers. There are two forces at play: the industrial sector that favours public subsidies to itself for renewable energy projects, and the environmental lobby that feels the problem is so urgent that everything that can be done must be done immediately. It smacks of the Prohibition era, when rumrunners made their fortunes from the political clout of the temperance movement.

“This unholy alliance of doom-sayers and rent-seekers is a classic Baptist-Bootlegger coalition,” said Trebilcock in an address to the Ontario legislature. “The only point of convergence between them is their support for massive subsidies to renewable energy, such as wind turbines.”

The Liberals say the GEA will benefit the Ontario economy by creating over 50,000 jobs in the next three years. But this is a cruel delusion, says Trebilcock. European studies found more jobs are lost than created when the state funds renewable resources.

potato said...

Krugman is another reason to question the integrity of Nobel prizes. He is a Keynesian and is routinely eviscerated by Austrian economists on

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